On this page you will find items which will not directly let you create dits and dahs, but which you might want to consider to further enhance your enjoyment.

Our friend Nils from The Tagalong Press offers one-of-a-kind items which he produces in his family-run printshop:

The Begali Coherer is an ingenious demonstration of basic radio principles which can be used in a classroom for educational purposes, or just as a great conversation piece:

The “receiver” consists of a dipole antenna that is dimensioned for the 70cm band. It has 3 grams of nickel filings in a glass tube between both halves of the dipole. A 9V battery sends a current to a LED through the nickel filings.

Initially, and after each experiment, you would bump the receiver lightly, so that the nickel filings separate into a random (incoherent) pile.  The electrical resistance of that configuration is relatively high, and the LED will not light.

The “transmitter” is an electronic lighter with a dipole antenna that is also dimensioned for the 70cm band. The high-voltage spark generated by pressing the button creates a broad band electromagnetic wave, and the dimension of the dipole antenna determines which part of that broad band spectrum is predominantly transmitted.

When the electromagnetic pulse reaches the receiving antenna, it will align the nickel filings into a coherent low-resistance configuration, and the LED will light up.  This works well over a distance of up to 20 feet. You can also directly demonstrate the effect that the antenna polarization has:  if the transmitting and the receiving antennas are oriented differently, the received signal will not be strong enough to bring the nickel filings into coherence.

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For several of our paddles a small company in Spain is producing high-quality Plexiglas dust covers.  If you are interested, you should contact Ignacio, EA2CTB,, for pricing and details.

If you need further convincing of the very high quality of these covers, just take a look at the feedback that he received on eHam.



Our friends at HamApparel, well known for their line of T-shirts for the stylish ham, have produced a special line of Begali T-shirts and many other items sporting the Begali dragons that you find engraved on many of our keys. What better way to show the world that you own the best keys on the planet ...

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