Welcome to the Begali keys and paddles catalog page. We offer a variety of iambic paddles and straight keys that represent the very best products in their category at a price that you can afford.

Because our quality control standards are high, we use only the highest caliber materials, and we build our keys using NC machinery to achieve precision that cannot be obtained with manual techniques. Our goal is to always deliver a product that combines precision engineering, functionality, and beauty at a fair price. Find out what users have to say about our key and paddles on eHam.  If you order from us your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. 

Below is a complete list of our current line of keys and paddles. Click on the photo to get a larger image and a detailed description. 

We reserve the right to make improvements and modifications to our keys, or to substitue a part in a key, which may slightly change the visual appearance from the keys shown on this website. This shall not be considered a defect or flaw.

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Unless stated otherwise, we charge a flat shipping fee of €20.00 per key/paddle to any destination in Europe or North America.  For other destinations or for expedited shipping please send us an email so that we can quote you the exact shipping costs.

Only for countries in the European Union: we have to charge 22% VAT.

Magnum - A heavy ultra-high performance key with narrow paddle spacing
Price €540.00

Stealth - Encapsulated high performance iambic paddle
Price €490.00

Sculpture - Stainless steel high performance iambic paddle
Price €382.00

Sculpture Mono - Stainless steel high performance single lever paddle
Price €425.00

Sculpture Arrow - Stainless steel high performance straight key
Price €399.00

Sculpture Swing - Stainless steel high performance cootie key
Price €460.00

Graciella - Vertical high performance iambic paddle
Special Order Only

Leonessa - Innovative “dual personality” high-speed paddle
Price €390.00

Stradivarius - High performance iambic paddle with torsion suspension
Price €340.00

Graciella Jr - Vertical iambic paddle
Price €320.00

Pearl - Iambic paddle, magnetic return
Price €270.00

Contour - Iambic paddle, magnetic return
Price €260.00

Expedition - An economical high performance key
Price €238.00

Signature Edition - Iambic paddle, magnetic return
Price: €248.00

Magnetic Classic - Iambic paddle, magnetic return
Price: €198.00

Magnetic Professional - Iambic paddle, magnetic return, black finish
Price: €218.00 

Adventure - Component dual-lever key for QRP rigs and the desktop
Starting Price: €248.00

Adventure Mono - Component single-lever key for QRP rigs and the desktop
Starting Price: €258.00

Magnetic Traveler Light - Iambic paddle, magnetic return
Price: €238.00

Simplex - Iambic paddle, spring return, plated base
Price: €139.00

Simplex Professional - Iambic paddle, spring return, black base
Price: €154.00

Simplex Basic - Iambic paddle, spring return, cast base
Price: €119.00

Simplex Mono - Single lever paddle, silver contacts
Price: €150.00

Mono Basic - Single lever paddle, silver contacts
Price: €130.00

HST Single Lever key with sideswiper switch
Price: €218.00

Intrepid - Innovative semi-automatic “bug”
Price €455.00

Blade - High-performance straight key
Price €198.00

Camelback - Classically inspired modern straight key, silver contacts
Price: €129.00

Postal Key - Replica of Einstein’s paper weight, silver contacts
Price: €129.00

Spark - High-speed straight key
Price: €129.00

Not all of the items listed above are always in-stock. We will give you an estimated delivery date when we confirm your order.

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