Simplex Pro

The Simplex Professional is a variation of our Simplex paddle, and it has the same technical characteristics that have made the Simplex very popular with operators of all skills.  The Simplex Professional has a black base with a titanium nitrade finish.  Several other components are gold plated.  The red finger pieces provide a stunning contrast to the jet-black titanium nitrate finish, as seen in the photos. Like our other keys it is manufactured using NC machinery for absolute precision.  Micro-threaded screws are used for all adjustments. The arms are held by 4 ball bearings that are imbedded in the base, and they are made of a light-weight alloy that provides very low moving mass - this allows excellent responsiveness at high speeds even when set for a very light touch. The contacts are 925/000 silver. The key comes with a protective dust cover.

With its uniquely shaped base and finger pieces this key is not only a precision instrument for the CW operator but also a piece of art that you can proudly display! Find out how users rated this paddle on eHam.

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