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CW Trainer

CW Machine
The CW Trainer is a combination of Windows software and firmware that runs on the CW Machine device.  It lets you improve your copying skills, no matter what level you are currently at, with a great variety of techniques, and the CW-over-IP function even lets you  connect to another CW Trainer over the Internet to practice QSOs off the air.  And, unlike most other devices on the market, it also lets you practice sending precise Morse signals by translating your paddle or straight key movements into characters that are shown on the LCD of the CW Machine and in the CW Machine Trainer program for Windows.  The CW Trainer is an extension of the CW Machine firmware/software, and it will not operate without a CW Machine.
  Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ, a well known and highly accomplished CW operator, has used the CW Machine for a while now, and he liked it so much that he decided to to write an addendum to his book, Zen And The Art of Radiotelegraphy, to reflect the unique capabilites of the CW Trainer.  This guide to Learning CW is part of the documentation that comes with the CW Trainer package.
Check the CWM News section for the latest developments of the CW Machine and the CW Trainer.
The functions of the CW Trainer are far too many to be elaborated here.  Please take a look at the details in the online documentation:
These documents are in PDF format, and you need Adobe Reader to view them.
If you order the CW Trainer together with the CW Machine, you will receive a combined installation CD for both, the Keyer and the Trainer.  Otherwise the CW Trainer will be provided directly from the author via email.  Any technical questions concerning the CW Trainer you should directly submit to the designer N2DE, Ulrich.

You can order the CW Trainer add-on for $30 with fast delivery by email, and pay securely via PayPal right now. (Price in US Dollars, no VAT)

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